Advantages for sellers and buyers in Askme App

If you feel bored to go shops to buy anything or hate to shop if huge people around you, online shopping gives you better way to shop products easily. More profitable and exciting services available will convert your tough selling or buying into totally easy one. Currently there are 900 sellers and 1000 active deals in Askme App market.

In this site you can buy any type of products for you and your family members. Your purchase to buy perfumes to electronic appliances can be done simply while sitting in home. User reviews can also be seen by buyer to know about the quality and services provided by people. This is one of the quickest and safest places to buy products at cheaper rates. If there is any cancellation in order, the wholesale dealer will take out their commission amount and return the remaining amount to seller.


Both sellers and buyer feel satisfied with the service and business ethics followed by Askme Bazaar. After receiving amount from buyer, that will be transferred to appropriate seller if the delivery is made correctly.

Advantages to sellers

  • Seller’s websites will be filled with lots of targeted customers and so they can get thousands of new customers if they advertise their products in Askme Bazaar.
  • Sellers need not to have their own domain to sell their products and services. This reduces wastage of money in buying and maintaining domains.
  • Sellers will get payment after delivery of products so they do not have to worry about their transaction problems.

Advantages to buyers

  • Sellers can broadcast their products to all people around India. They can sell any number of latest products in huge varieties.
  • All age groups can pick products for them in Askme App since this site is filled with thousands of products used by all age people.
  • Huge collection is available in each product like Decorative items, costumes, jewellery, mobile phones, bags, footwear, gizmos, and cosmetics.
  • If buyer wants to give any types of discounts and offers to customers they can give and denote in their online store.
  • Buyers will be filled with offers so they feel crazy to shop in this online store.
  • Wholesale dealers can also cancel their request at any time if they do not wish to buy or not satisfied with quality.
  • This site also offers free home delivery to buyers.

Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

It’s safe to say that, for most people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Alongside having children, many count the day they got married as one of their most cherished memories and, as such, it’s only normal to want simply stunning photographs to help you remember the day. With this in mind, we wanted to bring you a quick blog post which takes a look at the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer and a few things which we feel you need to consider when researching different photographers. In order to get a professional opinion, we’ve teamed up with Francesca Hill who has been kind enough to give her insight to help us put together this post!

Francesca HillFirst things first, know what it is you’re after! From traditional to contemporary, there’s numerous different styles of wedding photographer so you need to know what you like and what style of photographer you’re looking for! Spending some time researching what you like before you approach any photographers helps considerably as you’ll ultimately ensure that you then start a discussion with those who offer the style which you like! One popular form of wedding photography at the moment is that of ‘reportage wedding photography’ where photographers tell the story of your day through pictures! As opposed to traditional shots, you’ll see the whole day from start to finish and end up with an album which really does help you re-live every minute of the day!

Once you know what you’re looking for, you need to approach your shortlist of photographers! Ideally, you’ll do this sooner rather than later as any decent wedding photographer will get booked up months in advance. As such, the later you leave it, the less chance you have of securing your ideal photographer for your big day.

You need to spend time with, we’d say, 3 photographers and talk through your needs, requirements and expectations as well as discussing their previous portfolio. Fingers crossed, by sitting down with a few photographers, you’ll find that you almost instantly know which one is for you and be in a position to discuss the date and negotiate a deal which gives you the photographs and albums you’re after!

Choosing the Perfect Style Wedding Videographer in Perth

Everyone has a concept of his or her desire wedding-the location, concept, entourage and the wedding vows. If you are one of those who are close to satisfying that desire, then congratulations! Now, for you to be able to look back on your unique day, you may consider getting expert wedding videographer services.

If you are keeping a limited price range, then asking someone to take your marriage film can be an excellent money-saver. However, marriage film needs skills and knowledge to be able to create a remarkable outcome. Genuinely, choosing experienced Perth wedding videographers are better concept, for you to be able to experience your marriage day through a well-made, high-definition film. Besides, you do not get to get married to every day, do you? So splurging on this life-time souvenir is a option you will not repent.

Wedding Videographer Styles

As your marriage day attracts nearer, you may experience excited and terrified at the same time. This is a normal feeling since your marriage would indicate a new section of your life. And if you want to create your big day more unique, then a professionally-made marriage video will get it done.

However, different people have different wants. So, to give your marriage video clips an individual touch, you can select from the following film designs that will suit your needs:

• Traditional. This marriage film design provides an outcome demanding little modifying and beginner features. The main objective for this design is to provide you with a more individual tone or a feeling of home. Usually, one camera can be sufficient for this design so if you are viewing your price range, then this may be the ideal option.

• Documentary. This marriage film design is probably the most popular. If you want your marriage party and wedding reception to be shot like a documented, where minutes are taken as they occur and no route is provided, then this design is the one for you. A tale about how you started with your better half will be told through the film, such as discussions from your friends and family and genuine minutes during your big day.

• Cinematic. As the name indicates, your film would appear like a film. If you select this design, then a more expert outcome would be provided to you, such as cool music and sounds to will cause you to experience like a celebrity on your very own marriage film.