5 Ideas For Non-Traditional Wedding Themes

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. There are many traditions associated with weddings, some of which are still adhered to in today’s society. Traditionally of course, a wedding took place in a church in front of a small gathering of family and close friends. The bride-to-be’s father would give her away and the newly-weds would set off for their honeymoon shortly after the ceremony. Upon returning, the man would carry his wife over the threshold of their new home as a married couple. Nowadays, many couples eschew traditional church ceremonies in favour of modern types. One thing that has still held true however, is the implementation of an overall theme, to tie all wedding elements together. With that in mind, here are five ideas for non-traditional wedding themes.

Las Vegas Wedding

For couples wanting a quick ceremony with few guests, the Las Vegas wedding is ideal. Although it has received some bad press in the past, mainly due to drunken celebrities using the service to get married spontaneously, only to divorce the following day, there are many couples who are well suited to this type of wedding. It enables the happy couple to combine their wedding ceremony and honeymoon and more often than not, allows them to explore Las Vegas for the first time. Known for being the gambling city, Las Vegas has much more to offer and couples may find that their money goes further by opting to have this type of wedding as it is more focused on the bride and groom’s wishes.

Theme Park Wedding

If you can’t get enough of thrilling coasters and love amusement parks, then perhaps you’d enjoy getting wed in a theme park? You could incorporate the park’s theme into your wedding by asking everyone to dress as such. Who says a bride has to get married in a full length ball gown type dress? It would certainly make getting on and off the rides difficult, not to mention become totally ruined on the rapids. What’s more, theme park’s often have private function rooms available for hire, so you can always dress up again later for the evening reception.

Sci-Fi Wedding

Sci-fi geeks will feel right at home with a Star Wars themed wedding. Or perhaps you prefer The Big Bang Theory? It’s another great theme for fancy dress and you can arrange for the decorations to have the same theme – just make sure that all guests are fully aware of the theme before the big day. The last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable in traditional wedding attire when the rest of the party is dressed in robes and sporting light sabres.

Masquerade Ball Wedding

If you have always wanted to dress like a princess for the day then this is your chance. Why not go one step further and have a royal theme? You could decorate in the colours of the Great British flag and provide masks of royal family members on each table for your guests to wear. And of course, there’s the small matter of kissing your prince to worry about – make your dreams come true with this elegant wedding theme.

Role Reversal Wedding

Some couples may wish to introduce a humorous element into their big day. A role-reversal wedding could have the desired effect – the groom could wear white and the bride black. And, how about having best women and bridesmen? Well if it worked in the film Made of Honor, who’s to say it wouldn’t work in real life?

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Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

It’s safe to say that, for most people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Alongside having children, many count the day they got married as one of their most cherished memories and, as such, it’s only normal to want simply stunning photographs to help you remember the day. With this in mind, we wanted to bring you a quick blog post which takes a look at the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer and a few things which we feel you need to consider when researching different photographers. In order to get a professional opinion, we’ve teamed up with Francesca Hill who has been kind enough to give her insight to help us put together this post!

Francesca HillFirst things first, know what it is you’re after! From traditional to contemporary, there’s numerous different styles of wedding photographer so you need to know what you like and what style of photographer you’re looking for! Spending some time researching what you like before you approach any photographers helps considerably as you’ll ultimately ensure that you then start a discussion with those who offer the style which you like! One popular form of wedding photography at the moment is that of ‘reportage wedding photography’ where photographers tell the story of your day through pictures! As opposed to traditional shots, you’ll see the whole day from start to finish and end up with an album which really does help you re-live every minute of the day!

Once you know what you’re looking for, you need to approach your shortlist of photographers! Ideally, you’ll do this sooner rather than later as any decent wedding photographer will get booked up months in advance. As such, the later you leave it, the less chance you have of securing your ideal photographer for your big day.

You need to spend time with, we’d say, 3 photographers and talk through your needs, requirements and expectations as well as discussing their previous portfolio. Fingers crossed, by sitting down with a few photographers, you’ll find that you almost instantly know which one is for you and be in a position to discuss the date and negotiate a deal which gives you the photographs and albums you’re after!